Hi guys, here my first recepie.

My two daughters go crazy for this first dish and on saturdays when i get i chance, i cook it for them.

It is pretty simple to make it and you can even add some fresh mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant or some other vegetable besides bell peppers.

As for most of the italian pasta dishes you start with a base of OLIVE OIL.

When i make a creamy sauce i use some butter as well.

When the oil and butter is hot, trow in some garlic (you can even crash it) and parsley (i like to put it before so that it becomes a more crunchy ) and let it roast on a medium-low flame

Today i’ve used Mushrooms, let it cook for a minute or two and add salt

Now put the Shrimps (no salt)

A little bit of Pesto ( homemade of course!! )

Now mix all togheter and put some fresh cream

DO NOT COOK THE CREAM TOO MUCH….. stir it a bit and wait for the pasta to be ready

Now put some fresh shirmps in the sause ( it will enounce the flavour ), salt and pepper compare to your taste.

The sause is done!!

Wait for the pasta to be ” AL DENTE ”

Blend the pasta with the sause sprinkling some PARMIGIANO REGGIANO on top



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