Don’t say GROSS by default because it is the first thing it might come into your mind when I will explain to you of what this meal is made of !!!

This particular recepie comes originally from Apulia, especially from the province of Bari and it is similar to the more famous FEGATINI ( from the Rome area )

If you are looking for something special but uncommon for your barbeque cookout, well, you just trow some of this Gnomarelle on your grill and enjoy.

The ingredients are perfect for an Halloween party since we are talking about lamb intestines, liver, heart and lungs.

But this time we are not cheating but using the real ingridients for the happiness of the Zombies.

I understand and i certainly agree that it is not a meal for everybody, you must be preapared and open for this kind of strong and uncommon flavours.

As you can see, the little rolls are made of pieces of liver, or lungs, or heart rolled with lamb intestines with some laurel bay leaves and parsley to smoothen up the after taste and round the flavours.

Be aware if you are in Apulia that someone might propose to you one of this!!!!

I JUST LOVE IT (with a nice bottle of Primitivo di Manduria !!!)


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