ZABOV – Eggclusive


I’m so happy to talk about this liqueur.

It was back in the 90s, I was a little kid visiting my grandma when she gave me this for the first time.

Yes, for real, my grandma but not only mine made me discover this treat.


Lot’s of you probably never heard about it before but kids from Italy know for sure about ZABOV.

A liqueur made basically with egg yolks that has the taste of the highly protein “Zabaione” with a little adult twist in it.

That’s why our grandparents did not mind to give it to us… is made with eggs so it is GOOD !!

My grandmother too thought that there was nothing wrong with it and every time I had the opportunity, I would have a shot.

ZABOV is everybody’s first booze and I highly recommend to try some.

Every kid’s first hard liqueur experience has been with ZABOV.

ZABOV is good shit dudes !!!! But tell your kinds not to exaggerate!!!

The funny story is that after almost 20 years when I drink ZABOV I still think about my grandma along with my friends and we all laugh about it before even drinking it.




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