Hi all

my name is Luigi Di Tullio and i have always wanted to open a blog about food and beverages.

I was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot in the last 12 years, from USA to Canada (where i have lived for 4 years), from UK to Spain and so on.

During my stay in the USA and Canada i’ve discouvered the best of international cuisine of the world and i’ve started falling in love with it.

I use to go eat outside whenever i could trying different thing all the times.

Now i’m back in Italy and missing all that great food i guess until my next trip!!!

VAGARIU is my personal blog where i would like to share with you my experiences but most of all listen to your and follow your suggestions.

Share your experience, recepies, stories, I AM STARVING FOR IT !!


3 responses to “VAGARIU Who?

  1. Luigi, mio padre si chiamava Luigi Di Tullio, come voi. Nato in Abruzzo, a 1921 ed è venuto in Brasile nel 1953.Mio nome è Edia, sono brasiliana e mi piace cucinare. Qui a São Paulo, dove io vivo, la cucina italiana e molto ammirata. Mi piacerebbe molto corrispondere con voi e sapere se ci sono i parenti. Un abbraccio.

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